Moving On.

They say a cat will always land on it's feet.  I'm assuming this is correct, since I throw horse shoes but I am not in the habit of throwing cats.  They also say a cat has nine lives.  I'm hoping the same can be said for me.  I've used a few up the last several years.  I will not bore you with the details.  However, I will tell you it was an eye opener for sure.  Grab the sunshine every chance you get.

As life moves on, I'm taking on new goals and new adventures.  If it doesn't bring me some sort of joy or sunshine, it will be swept away in a wave of  "go away you little foolish imp."

One of the many adventures and goals I'm working toward is owning my own business.  I've studied many opportunities and have set my sites on Perfectly Posh.

I have had wonderful, personal results with these products.  You know me, if I didn't believe I would be making fun of it on my other blog.  Instead, I'm working toward being a part of this wonderful company and their amazing products.

At this point in time, the great Momma Fargo is my consultant.  If you are interested in checking these products out, please make sure you get a free account under her.  She is amazing.

In order to proceed with my goal, I'm hosting parties.  I earn points toward my membership by doing this.  I can then use those points to earn my starter kit.  May sound fishy to some of you, but follow along and see what happens.  If nothing else... you will get a laugh or two and you will always have Sunshine.

This blog will now be dedicated to my goals, failures, stumbles, and successes.

No worries, I'm still me... I still do things to make you laugh.. and I'm more than happy to share when I slip going across flat ground and end up in the ER..  cause we all know.. even then I'm making you laugh.

I'm 60 now, so I can grab the handsome paramedic by the handle and convince him it's just brain farts that made me forget that was not proper!

So, first things first..

Fargo.. go get ya some.. plus you get 500 points for your own shopping just for signing up.  Not a scam boys and girls.. just a little reward for grabbing the sunshine and not spilling your drink,

My new party

Fargo's Link to get an Account.

Sunday Morning Sermon!

Disclaimer right off the bat... I do not want anyone to think, I don't believe in God.  It's just that I think, well, maybe whoever his transcriptionist was, may have had a drug problem!

There is a thread happening on my real life facebook wall about the subject.  I'm a farmer's daughter so I've always wondered if it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and covered the earth, how much did it rain an hour.

A blast from Past Holidays, with a disclaimer

Enough of the dreary weary from earlier today.  I always try to grab my bootstraps and yank myself up from this crap.. so.. to do that.. I'm going to double post.

Since it's that time of year when we all want to buy that perfect Christmas gift.  The one we just know the person needs and wants.  My daughter, the Major, is great about listening to conversations, and picking up on the one thing that person wants.   So, a few years ago she bought me an electric razor.  Here's the story that followed.. hope you enjoy it.  It's one of my favorite.. blasts from the past.. and remember.. I never have denied, I am the Queen.. so put my name where you see THE QUEEN.. or QUEENIE.. 

15 things you should want to do with me!

1.  Zip line  cause I scream the whole time!
2.  Go to a Willie Nelson concert cause I'd throw my panties!
3.  Have a gin and tonic cause I get goofier when my brain is on gin!
4.  Camp, I'm the world's funnest camper!

I'm Thankful for.....

First and above all else, I'm thankful that I have Mr. and Mrs. Major Sunshine and Lil Sunshine.  I'm so thankful that I will be able to spend tomorrow with them.  I'm thankful that Mr. Major's family is so accepting of a strange old widow that hangs around sometimes.  I'm thankful for the laughs we will have tomorrow.

Condom Fishing, another one off the bucket list!

So as most of you know, I took a job cleaning motels until I find a job I really like. Problem with that theory is, I like cleaning motel rooms. I've had that job two other times in my life and it's the job I hate to leave.

In this case, I totally love the ladies I work with. When I go to work, everyone is laughing and smiling. When we clock out, asses dragging, everyone is laughing and smiling.

Weekend Conversations with the Voices!

Some of you may or may not know, that I have voices in my head.  They kind of go with the whole, "More than one person lives up there". thingy.  See, like I know I have family that read this and they are now sitting there jotting this shit down, bookmarking it, and thinking .. "Damn I am sure I can use this shit later!".  Well, not all of them, but there are a few.  Smile, you know who you are!  Get your damn pencil sharpened.. I'll wait..............................................................

Friends Divorce Court!

Feeling a little sentimental tonight so I thought I would bring back a blast from the past.  Enjoy it.

 I have often wondered when a friendship breaks up, how you divide up the assets. Being a person that has been through a couple divorces, I like to believe that the divorce would produce a settlement that all parties could live with.

10 little Indians and the Mighty Machine

A blast from the past: 10 little Indian series are stories from when the Hendricks cousins were little kids.  Were a mighty force and always on the go.  The sad thing for those around us, we were always together too.   These stories, are just a few of my favorite memories.  I'll be popping them in here at random times.    Here is one of my favorites.

Black, Green, or White.. readers choice!

Ok, so we all know that I really don't have that gene that the rest of you have, that tells you when you are sick or hurt.  Normally, it takes someone else to say, "hey dummy, you are blue and orange, I really think you need to see a doctor".

A woman, A Van, and a Grocery List!

So, I've put off getting smokes and dog food for the month because let's face it, the only place I can get this crap is in the city and I hate to drive in the city.  But, alas, I go.

Redneck and Proud!

I was thinking this morning about my redneck roots.  I am pretty stinking proud of them.  I only get them from one side of the family, but I got enough from that side, to make my life about as redneck as it comes.

Yeppers, long tradition of red neck.. Proud Red Neck Mommy here: so..