Friends Divorce Court!

Feeling a little sentimental tonight so I thought I would bring back a blast from the past.  Enjoy it.

 I have often wondered when a friendship breaks up, how you divide up the assets. Being a person that has been through a couple divorces, I like to believe that the divorce would produce a settlement that all parties could live with.

Which party should get the wonderful memories that came from a friendship? How can you split that down the middle? Is it that one party gets the great memories of life in Crazy House with all it's ups and downs..and one gets the memories noon time luncheons where EVERYONE was welcome to join?

What judge is going to take the time to go through all the photos and emails,, posts and dockets.. and determine which friend gets what?

When the testimony reads, "I welcomed you into my home, invited you to the lake twice, and had you to the important events in my family's lives"

and even more testimony reads, " I allowed you to join us at our home, hunt our game and allow your husband to spend quality time with his children, teaching them something that was important to him."

What judge will decide who was the better friend and deserves the happy memories?

When testimony shows one member of the friendship tells of all the wonderful photos she has to share.. but never gets it done... and other members shared all the photos with her... Should she have a fair split of the acquired photos and memories?

And, what about the extra friends. The ones that got caught in the middle. The ones that wanted to be friends with everyone, no matter what.. who gets them?

What about the hate and discontent? Who really deserves to own that? Should it be the one that walked away, or should it be the one that stayed to fight? Maybe it should be the one that snuck behind the backs of everyone to cause even more chaos?

Well, I'm not a judge.. but I truly believe that the courts can not decide a divorce like this. I believe that the parties decide that, long before they file for divorce.

I believe the parties themselves decide what they will cling to....Since I wear my heart on my sleeve, I choose to cling to the love.

I choose to remember the day we all met at the buffet house and laughed and giggled and put our differences aside long enough to enjoy each other's company. Even if there were no cookies served there..

I choose to remember the day we stuffed our faces with pizza and pop, meeting new people that we only knew by code names on forums.

I choose to remember late nights around a camp fire....drinking wine ... and contemplating where our lives had taken us, and where we hoped it would go.

I don't choose to remember, anyone getting angry because I live too far out in the woods to drink and drive.

I don't choose to remember the lies told to my face.

I don't choose to remember the hate and anger that was spewed across the Internet for all the world to read.

I don't choose to remember 40 women that couldn't get along, and didn't want anyone else to get along.

I don't choose to remember the backstabbing done from both sides of the fence.

I don't choose to remember any of us acted that way.

I choose to remember how much love, each and every one of us had at some point in the friendship.

I choose to remember the late night online chats with each other,,ALL OF US...

I choose to remember the honesty brought forth between any two people at any moment..

I choose to remember the adults,, that although it could get pretty mean and nasty at times (depending on how much booze was involved) could either work it out,, or walk away..

I choose to remember how much I laughed at a ciggie smoking booze hound dog... and the pictures that proved it..

I choose to remember how hard I laughed when she yelled..STOP LAUGHING .. TINK IS NEXT BITCH!

I choose to remember that although it couldn't last... it was fun at the time... and it's a part of my life.. that I wouldn't take back.. It's a part of my life,, that I can either file under..


or I can file under..


I choose the latter...

So, the pictures have been filed away......
the forums have been deleted..
blogs have been destroyed..
emails have been zapped...

and the really good memories.... have been burned in my memory forever...because


I want my daughter and Grand-daughter to remember me as... a person who could take a punch.. give a punch.. know when to call it a day..

I want them to remember me as a person who fought for what she thought was right,, left when she discovered it was wrong.. and did her best in between...

I want them to remember me as the woman who wore her heart on her sleeve. The woman who allowed herself to get hurt over and over.,,, if she thought the ride would be worth it... The woman who,,, against all odds...would survive,, learn... and grow... from anything life threw at her...

the woman who believed with all her heart and soul... in the song...




  1. Not many of us seemed to be in it for the long haul but personally, I am so glad I stuck it out <3

    1. I am so very grateful you were the tough one and hung in there.. most would have run for cover. Thank you so much..

  2. I read that and it made a lot of sense thank you. This person is my brother so i could never really walk away ya know. Me and his wife dont get along and its been ugly since they got married. He knows im not good for a great gift LOL but I think lil wifey is trying to make it out like shes trying to be nice to me. Im confused by it all and Thursday I will make my decision based on his actions I guess.