Sunday Morning Sermon!

Disclaimer right off the bat... I do not want anyone to think, I don't believe in God.  It's just that I think, well, maybe whoever his transcriptionist was, may have had a drug problem!

There is a thread happening on my real life facebook wall about the subject.  I'm a farmer's daughter so I've always wondered if it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and covered the earth, how much did it rain an hour.

A blast from Past Holidays, with a disclaimer

Enough of the dreary weary from earlier today.  I always try to grab my bootstraps and yank myself up from this crap.. so.. to do that.. I'm going to double post.

Since it's that time of year when we all want to buy that perfect Christmas gift.  The one we just know the person needs and wants.  My daughter, the Major, is great about listening to conversations, and picking up on the one thing that person wants.   So, a few years ago she bought me an electric razor.  Here's the story that followed.. hope you enjoy it.  It's one of my favorite.. blasts from the past.. and remember.. I never have denied, I am the Queen.. so put my name where you see THE QUEEN.. or QUEENIE..