10 little Indians and the Mighty Machine

A blast from the past: 10 little Indian series are stories from when the Hendricks cousins were little kids.  Were a mighty force and always on the go.  The sad thing for those around us, we were always together too.   These stories, are just a few of my favorite memories.  I'll be popping them in here at random times.    Here is one of my favorites.

Black, Green, or White.. readers choice!

Ok, so we all know that I really don't have that gene that the rest of you have, that tells you when you are sick or hurt.  Normally, it takes someone else to say, "hey dummy, you are blue and orange, I really think you need to see a doctor".

A woman, A Van, and a Grocery List!

So, I've put off getting smokes and dog food for the month because let's face it, the only place I can get this crap is in the city and I hate to drive in the city.  But, alas, I go.

Redneck and Proud!

I was thinking this morning about my redneck roots.  I am pretty stinking proud of them.  I only get them from one side of the family, but I got enough from that side, to make my life about as redneck as it comes.

Yeppers, long tradition of red neck.. Proud Red Neck Mommy here: so..