Weekend Conversations with the Voices!

Some of you may or may not know, that I have voices in my head.  They kind of go with the whole, "More than one person lives up there". thingy.  See, like I know I have family that read this and they are now sitting there jotting this shit down, bookmarking it, and thinking .. "Damn I am sure I can use this shit later!".  Well, not all of them, but there are a few.  Smile, you know who you are!  Get your damn pencil sharpened.. I'll wait..............................................................

OK, you ready?  Back to my story.

My voices are not the type that tell me to grab what's under the bed and head to the mall.  They really are not that kind of voices.  However, they have had a few discussions about how fun it would be to take me Walmart, let me take all the warning labels off the bleach bottles, and see what the stupid people do.  You have to admit, that would be kinda fun.  You can't tell me you have never thought of that shit!

So, anywaythey'regettingpissed.. let's get back on topic.

The voices never shut the hell up.  If there is nothing going on, they sit there and discuss what could go wrong.  There are times I can't sleep, because they are discussing what happens if I go to sleep, stop breathing because I snore so loud, and Cletus is not here to wake me up.  Crazy shit like that.  I know right?  It's nuts.

They affect every aspect of my life.   I've learned to tune them out at times, but if I'm sitting alone, there they are.  "Oh, look.  You really need to get up and dust the TV!".  

"No wait, there may be something good on Facebook!".  Or, wonder if anything good is on the news. 

You can see how this would affect my life in a negative way right?   With that in mind, I've decided I am going to blog my daily activities.  I'm thinking this may or may not help control the voices, but at least it will give them a place to play, besides in my damn head.

I'm thinking if I set goals, and make myself accountable for those goals, I may be able to conquer these bitches.  I may not conquer them, but I'm sure as hell going to try and control them a wee bit.

I'm not making it public at this point, but if you stumble across it, please feel welcome to call my ass out if I'm not holding up my end of the deal.  If I find out I can stick to it, I may let you know where it is.  If I find out I have no control over the voices and they just do what they want, I may be giving you the address where you can forward cards and letters.

so, with that in mind...  Do you have voices?  Maybe not voices but do you have those little things that keep you unorganized and unfocused?  I'm hoping you do, I'd hate to think I'm the only freak in the world.  Any links to sites and blogs, that will help me organize my life and my home, will be bookmarked and used.  Feel free to leave me a trail to follow!

Have a great Monday.. and Rock On!



  1. I'm the Diva of Disorganization! I came her from Snarkfest and feel so much better now!

    1. lol I'm so glad I could help you out. glad you stopped by.