Black, Green, or White.. readers choice!

Ok, so we all know that I really don't have that gene that the rest of you have, that tells you when you are sick or hurt.  Normally, it takes someone else to say, "hey dummy, you are blue and orange, I really think you need to see a doctor".

I have had two minor head injuries (in the same day) and one major one.  A major one like, have no memory of what happened, got a fractured jaw, lost most of my past memory, screwed up my present memory, fought headaches for months, had no idea I was functioning for months, and I never missed a beat.  I worked every day.  I planned a wedding.  I have no memory of it.

I shattered my hand, was rushed to the ER.  They said it was a sprain, and wrapped it up.  8 weeks later, they performed surgery because it seems my thumb had nothing to rest on and "popped out" through the palm of my hand.  Yeppers dudes, I'd crushed the volar plate, and my thumb had just been floating around in there.  So, they build me a volar plate, put my thumb back on it, and send me home.  I work every day for an additional 8 weeks.  Never missed a day.  I told you, not much of a pain gene here.

That, leads me to today's story.  It's bug time around these here parts.  If it can fly or crawl, it's getting inside for the winter.  Something, and I have no idea what, bit me on the back of the wrist the other day.  Within hours it had scabbed over and turned black.  I mean scary black.  I have this thing against black stuff on my skin.  So, me being me, grabbed a needle,, gritted my teeth, and went to digging.

I dug a horrid core out of whatever it was.  Awe, now it's white.  White I can handle.  I poured peroxide in it, bandaged it up, and moved on.  I repeated this process every day, peroxide, clean bandage.

Yesterday morning I woke up, jumped out of bed and screamed.  The minute the blood started moving and my hand was below my heart, I screamed.  I looked down and my arm was red about the area of a coffee mug.  I ran to the bathroom, ripped off the bandage and gagged.  The stupid thing was green.

I started pouring peroxide over it.  I spent the next hour pouring peroxide, doing the OMG THAT HURTS dance, dabbing it, and repeat.

Wasn't long before I knew, this was not normal.  I iced it and it would ease the throbbing pain for a little bit, but when the ice pack was removed, it would start to heat up and hurt.  I decided maybe, I better go ask someone about this.

I headed in to town to the pharmacy.  I needed bandaids and antibiotic cream anyway. So, I get to the pharmacy and when it's my turn I walk up and ask,  "hey, I want to know what anitbiotic cream you think is the best, and I want bandaids that really stick".

The dude ask me what the problem is and I pull back the bandage on my wrist to show him.  "OMG IT'S GREEN."

"I'm all, yea dude I can see that, and I didn't even go to college!  Now, what do you think I should use on it?".

Dude behind the counter says, "use on it, you need to see a doctor!"

To which I respond, "um, no I'm not dying and I don't really want to, so let's keep the doctors out of this K?".

Dude was totally, Blink Blink.

Guess he has no idea how I feel about doctors.

Anyway, he handed me an anti biotic cream (triple action) and some super dupper bandaids and sent me on my way. 

I came home, took the last of a left over high powered antibiotic I had, did the peroxide dance for an hour, put the cream on it, bandaged it up and iced it.  By bedtime, with the help of a couple Tylenol, I was in sleepy land.

I woke up this morning and jumped up.  No throbbing pain.  I went to the bathroom and pulled back the bandage.  Nice, pretty, white..  the infection seems to be gone from the area around it, or at least it's not fire red anymore, and it's not hurting.

So, peroxide dance, anti biotic cream, clean bandage and we're off.

I'm guessing, green is not good.  Just a guess, from the dudes reaction.  I'm assuming, white is better.

Have a great day!


  1. good freaking hell woman. What if they would have had to amputate your freaking arm?????? And you call me bad

    1. then you could have written a Dear Left Arm.. letter to me.