Condom Fishing, another one off the bucket list!

So as most of you know, I took a job cleaning motels until I find a job I really like. Problem with that theory is, I like cleaning motel rooms. I've had that job two other times in my life and it's the job I hate to leave.

In this case, I totally love the ladies I work with. When I go to work, everyone is laughing and smiling. When we clock out, asses dragging, everyone is laughing and smiling.

Motel rooms are never short of stories for blogs. I've knocked on the door.. Housekeeping.. knock knock.. Housekeeping. no answer.. use key, enter, only to come face to ass with someone having sex.

I've opened a bathroom door only to find a pile of blood soaked white towels. I've found crap soaked white towels. I've found crap soaked bedsheets. I've stripped a bed that looked like a murder scene because someone started their period in the middle of sex.

But nothing tops the laughs I got at work the other day. I'm cleaning away and decide to take a pile of laundry to the wash room. I am a person that is very focused when I work, so I really did not notice the other housekeepers at the other end of the hall.

When I came out of the laundry room to head back to the room I'm working on, I see EVERY SINGLE MAID IN THE MOTEL standing outside a room, gasping and looking bewildered.

In my mind, I'm thinking they have found a dead body. I slowly walk down the hall towards them waiting for them to give me a hint what is in the room before I get there. Not a clue.

I arrive at the door only to have one of them tell me to go look in the bathroom. OH Crap, pretty sure I'm going to find someone hanging from the shower.

I step in, and see nothing. Then, one maid points at the toilet. Sure enough, a used condom is happily floating in the john.

The young maids are bewildered at what to do. They are smart enough to know they can't flush it down. What to do , oh what to do.

I calmly walk out the door, slide on a rubber glove and go condom fishing. I fish it out, throw it in the trash and smile as I walk by the maid holding all the sheets from her room.

I said, "I'm just thankful they used a condom and didn't get sperm all over the sheets!". She screamed as white sheets went flying all over the hall.

I laughed and went back to work.

So, now I've been ice fishing AND condom fishing. Fishing is now officially off my bucket list.

What's the worse thing that you ever found, saw or heard while doing your job?



  1. OMG! I use to be a maid at a motel...seriously.
    This one time I found the dresser mirror detached from the dresser..guess they brought their own tools...propped up near the side of the bed. Fine okay..I can deal with that. What made it bad was there was like a thousand ketchup and mustard packets everywhere and it was all over the sheets, walls and furniture. Condom wrappers in the trash. Talk about getting a quick hot dog on the road! It was disgusting.
    And one of the ladies on my day off found a dead body. Just sitting in the chair like he fell asleep watching TV. Of course I would have been off on that day!

  2. HAHAHA! I worked at a hotel for about 3 years I was front desk manager but I helped housekeeping when we were short handed. We had a bunch of reservations one night from adult friend I was like WTH is this (I was 17) I literally thought they were looking to make friends or whatever. That is until I went on my rounds to check rooms. OMG the noises I heard and then I made the mistake of opening a door and well they were indeed friendly all 4 of them LOL I also opened a room that looked like a murder scene Im not sure what happened in there and I had a 'pimp' come every friday and rent a room for 3 days. When I quit there I saw him on the news one night someone shot him.. it was weird that I recognized him! Oh the joys of hotel work

    1. Yea the last motel I worked at we had a married man rented a room there full time. Would go on benders and his fav hooker would move in for the days he was there. She had some freaky outfits and the rooms looked like she did her job well. When he would leave, he was rode hard and put away wet.

      Amy,, I would freak if I found a body.

      Dazee, ya do what ya gotta do. Called normal life around here. lol