I'm Thankful for.....

First and above all else, I'm thankful that I have Mr. and Mrs. Major Sunshine and Lil Sunshine.  I'm so thankful that I will be able to spend tomorrow with them.  I'm thankful that Mr. Major's family is so accepting of a strange old widow that hangs around sometimes.  I'm thankful for the laughs we will have tomorrow.

Next, I'm thankful that despite July 30, 2009 I'm still standing.  I'm still here.  It didn't beat me.  It beat me up, it knocked me down, it tossed me around, it left me bruised and battered, but it did not do me in.  I'm here, to be thankful for my life.

I'm thankful for the many friends I have.  Those that just make my life happier.  I'm thankful for the new people I've met both in real life and online in the last month.  I'm thankful for the part time job I have, and the two pending and possible full time ones on the horizon.  I'll be very thankful if choice number one works out.  I'll be thankful if offer number two is still available if I need it.  But I'm thankful that they are both a possibility.

I'm thankful for my health.   The past few years have shown us just how fast it can be gone.

I'm thankful for memories.  Those memories that once knocked me to the ground in a pile of tears, are now the same memories that make me smile today.

I'm thankful for the sounds, sights and smells that remind me how much I loved him.  While the sound of his voice has faded from my memory, the sound of his laugh is still very clear.  That sound is as clear as those piercing blue eyes that once held my gaze.

I'm thankful for the life we had.  If I had known it would end the way it did, I would have done it anyway.  The pain, is so minor when I look at the big picture that was our life together.  The sadness I feel when I think that his family was lost when he was lost is still minor compared to the happy memories I have with his family.

And I'm thankful for each of you.  The readers that come back to read my endless rambling.  Those of you that have taken a very long journey with me that has spanned years, and those that have just hopped the Judy train.  I am blessed to have each of you.

So tomorrow, when we are feasting,, I'll be thankful for the life I had, the life I have and the life I hope to have.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  To you who come on and leave comments, and to those that just read and move on (no worries, I do that too).  I want each of you to think about what you are thankful for.  It will brighten your day.  While we travel through life we lose so much, but we gain so many memories.

When it's all said and done, it's memories that will get you through it.

HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.. stay safe,  eat large, belch loud.. and say excuse me! 



  1. Give Lil Sunshine a hug for me!
    Have a wonderful day with family girl!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Amy J, I will sure give her a big hug from Auntie Amy.. you both have a wonderful day also.

  3. your post made me cry. Its hard to think about the big picture when you focus on the small things. I had a hard day but its time for me to focus on the big picture the life i HAVE right now in this moment my kids my husband the people that care about me and what I already have that is priceless!! Thanks for posting this!

    1. You are very welcome. Always remember your Blog world family when you need someone to lean on. We're stronger than you think. ride the wave baby.. ride the wave..