15 things you should want to do with me!

1.  Zip line  cause I scream the whole time!
2.  Go to a Willie Nelson concert cause I'd throw my panties!
3.  Have a gin and tonic cause I get goofier when my brain is on gin!
4.  Camp, I'm the world's funnest camper!

5.  Watch Sister Wives, cause I cuss Kody the entire time!
6.  Go to coffee, cause I'm goofy on coffee too!
7.  Go to the mall cause I hate to shop, but I love to make fun of people!
8.  Take a road trip, cause I'm the world's funniest driver.  Road rage does not cover it!
9.  Blog a series.  The Royals was a holy blast to blog.  Sister Wives is a riot.
10.  Live chat about midnight when I'm good and tired.  You will laugh until you pee!
11.  Go to a funeral with me, there is never a dull moment even at a funeral!  A funeral in a church, even better!
12.  Go watch a live band at a street dance.  If you don't know what a street dance is, google it.
13.  Decorate a Christmas tree.  You have no idea...
14.  Go to confession with me.  I've never done that, but I bet I'm good at it.  I sin a LOT!
15.  Walk the streets of a small town around midnight.  Oh shut up, you know you want to.  Clothes optional!

and now for Friend Makin' Monday with,

She wants to know what we want to find under our tree..

#1.  The hand warmer that you put wax in and then dip your hand in.
#2.  Chocolate covered Cherries.. my all time fav
#3.  keys to a new car
#4.  Scentsy Candles
#5.  Yankee Candles.. I love the black one..
#6.  Scentsy for my warmers
#7  Warming house slippers
#8. Keurig,  I don't need one, but everyone has one and I feel left out
#9. The new Kindle fire HP ( have no use for it, but I think I have the entire collection of Kindles and I hate to ruin a set)
#10  A dvr.  I know, I have no idea how to use one, but I want one just to say I have it.

So that's my list.. now you do it and hook up with her in comments.. Make new friends and find out what they want..



  1. I borrowed a Keruig and since I gave up soda aka the sweet nectar of life for THE DAY only I'm having a cup of coffee. Well - I think it qualifies as coffee. I added hot cocoa, half and half and some coffee....that counts right? I am excited to hunt down the blogs you follow in more depth - thanks for leading me to them!!!!

    1. If it has coffee in it, it's coffee.. and I hope you find some awesome new reads.. If you do, please pass them on. thanks..

  2. Stopping by from FMM! Hilarious! :) Great blog!

    1. Thanks Chris and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Gin & panty throwing? I'm in!

  4. Ok hows about you zip line and I keep my feet on the ground and listen to you scream.. this Angel lost my wings many moons ago due to a fear of heights thing. I like Willie's old stuff, now put Trace Adkins or Toby Keith on and I am so there and half undressed. Maybe not my panties but my boobs will be flashed several times.. got milk boys?? Honest truth. My mom passed away New years Eve last year. I made a memorial DVD for the services. I gathered the pictures , the music added titles the works, send it to the funeral home because visitation was that night. Came home to watch the finished product in my teary eyed lack of sleep state and realize one of the pics in the video was when we gave her * as in hubby and I * a big purple dildo as a joke for Christmas. At first glance the pic looks like she is holding a book because of the way she has it flat and the purple looks like a book spine. So unless you were there for the gift you would have no idea what it was.. let's just say a few people had been there for the gift saw the picture and approached me at the services in private to verify what they saw. Upon my nodding and giggling tears turned to laughter as we all knew mom would have wanted that, because she was just awesome like that.

    1. OMG I'm so booking you for the next funeral I have to go to. we would rock that shit..